Some Information About Cricket Balls

Cricket balls are the projectiles used to play Cricket. Cricket balls are round in shape; they are of different diameter and weight. Cricket balls can be of any diameter, but they are usually manufactured as standard cricket balls of nine or ten inches in diameter, which are called Cricket Balls for professional players, for use in junior cricket games, etc. Cricket balls are also commonly used in tennis matches for the purpose of hitting a ball that has dropped from the air.

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A cricket ball is actually a hard durable ball used to play cricket. It differs from other ball types in that it is not intended to be used for striking the ball; rather it is used for collecting wickets. A cricket ball generally consists of a solid cork outer core wound with fiberglass or textile string, leather cover stitched around, and manufacture varies at limited-overs level.

It is generally worn by batsmen specially for the purpose of batting. A normal and standard cricket ball for batsman is made from a one-piece ball construction. Generally, the top surface of the cricket ball has a flat black matte finish. There are many other colors as well as finishes available for batsmen to choose from, but black remains to be the favorite among players, even though most players feel that wearing a brighter colored ball helps them feel less inhibited while playing.

The design and manufacture of the top surface of the cricket balls may differ according to the purpose for which it is used. For example, a bat worn by a bowler for catching is made of different composition and material from that of the batsman for whom it is being worn. Similarly, while a wicket keeper is required to wear protective gear that prevents injury to himself, a batsman may wear a plain white ball so that he does not distract his opponent with his bright color. In the world of cricket, the game is played between teams of all ranks – starting with the position batsman, who throws the cricket ball and make runs with it; to the wicket keeper, who saves the wickets and collect runs; and to the batsman, who tries to hit the ball into an area in which the other players cannot reach or cannot see clearly.

Every country has its own unique brand of cricket balls that they use during their games. But because each country has different brand of batsmen, each batsman wears different kind of clothing and footwear, as per the requirements of that game. Cricket ball manufacturers have kept this fact in mind while manufacturing cricket balls for various countries. Some countries require their cricket balls to be made to the particular dimensions required for that game only. Therefore, the manufacturers of international cricket balls offer customized cricket balls according to the needs of the different countries.

Cricket ball manufacturers use both the smooth and the rough texture to manufacture cricket balls. The reason why cricket balls have a rough texture is because it helps the cricketers to bat the ball properly and at the right place. The smooth texture on the other hand helps to catch the ball when it is hit by the batsman. There are about 20 different types of cricket balls that are used in the game of cricket and they all have their own specific names so that the players and fans can recognize them easily.