Comfortable Yoga Shorts

Comfortable yoga shorts are the perfect choice for a day of physical activity. They are light and packable, making them easy to take with on a hike, bike ride, or long walk. The fact is that yoga shorts are an essential piece of any fitness wardrobe. These shorts are made of cotton or other soft fabric, allowing flexibility and room to stretch. Some are even specially designed for intense yoga workouts and many more for the more casual consumer.

There are lots of comfortable yoga shorts available, each designed to target certain areas of the body. One popular form of exercise shorts is the leggings. Available in basic styles, such as mid-calf inseam length and full-length leggings, these are also a great choice for a waist workout yoga shorts. Because they are designed to go up the leg and ankle, these are usually made of materials like nylon or spandex to keep the body cool and dry during vigorous movements.

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Another type of comfortable yoga shorts that are popular among yogis are the hot yoga short. A popular choice among those who practice yoga, these shorts are typically made of cotton and allow the skin to breathe. The inseam is usually long enough to accommodate your growing thighs, but tapered at the top to fit around your hips and waist. The bottom is usually made of a breathable material so you don’t end up feeling too hot. These types of comfortable fit shorts are also available in basic styles, including mid-calf inseam and long-length leggings.

Another type of comfortable yoga shorts that are making a comeback is the compression shorts, or girdle shorts. Made with a thick micro-fiber blend, these shorts have the ability to compress when you engage in a pose. When you’re finished, just pull up a few inches and your shorts will zip up. This creates a compression hosiery that helps keep moisture in and control perspiration. Compression girdle yoga short, like the one supplied with Power Block by Powertec, also comes with a waist belt to ensure stability. Other features include an adjustable hook and loop strap and spandex mesh for breathability.

Since you need to wear these shorts while working out, make sure you get a pair with a good fit. Don’t wear them longer than necessary, as this will create sweat problems and you’ll be tempted to just throw them away. Additionally, make sure you choose a pair that is breathable and doesn’t inhibit your movements. You can wear them without any yoga mat, but for a full-body workout, look for a pair of shorts that are made specifically with support for your tummy, hips, back, thighs, and waist.

If you’re not into practicing yoga but still want to stay cool, try a pair of micro-bikini style micro ones. Available in microbes a variety of colors, these shorts are fastened at the top with elastic. The inseam is a bit long, so be sure to purchase a pair that’s a little larger than you would typically wear, as a long inseam will cause you to stick to the seat uncomfortably. Micro one’s also come with an attached bra, but you won’t need it if you’re practicing Bikram yoga. The micro bikini bottoms also do not impede with your movement when you exercise, allowing you to focus more on your breathing and stretching exercises.